21 January 2009

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20 January 2009

CEIP Lluçanès

We are class 5, THE BLACK PANTHERS
Look at our presentation

We are "A FOOT IN HIGH SCHOOL" group.
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Group 1
Amazing Day1
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Group 2
Amazing Day2
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18 January 2009

CEIP Guillem de Balsareny

Hi! We are the 5th grade students of Balsareny. We are 18 in class. We like sports, animals, reading books, playing games......
For the Christmas School Festival we prepared a play called “Ala de Corb” and his pirates because in class we had read the book “Ala de Corb”. It was a musical show too, we sang and acted together with the 6th grade students.
We enjoyed a lot and our families too!

Hello! We are the 6th grade students of Guillem de Balsareny School. Most of us like computer games, cinema, music activities and school. We are very talkative (teachers say to us!) and friendly. We loved playground time. We usually play football, table tennis and basketball. At the weekends we also play handball and we are participating in a handball competition.
We are the best!

13 January 2009

ZER Gavarresa

Hi! We are from St. Feliu Sasserra. We go to CEIP Els Roures. We are the 5th and the6th grade. We work in the same classroom. We are fourteen: 9 girls and 5 boys.
In the playground we play football.
We love PE. It’s very fun!!!

we are “The Maoris” Class. We are from Sta Mª d'Oló.
We are 18 girls and boys from 10 to 11 years old.
Our school is CEIP Sesmon D'Oló.
Our class is very funny. We like to be happy. We all like English.
In the playground we play sports. Our favourite sports are football and basketball.
See you in the AMAZING DAY!

The Maoris


We are the Amish class. We go to Oristà school, Ceip Llevant. We like English. We like playing computer games.
We hope to see you soon on the Amazing Day at Balsarenys.

The Amish class

CEIP Sant Vicenç

Hello! We are "Meterorits" from 3r. We like studying a lot and learning English. Our teachers say we are good students! See you on the "Amazing Day".

We are "Estrella Polar". We are from Sant Vicenç de Castellet. We like dancing, singing and playing. Our favourite hobby is talking!!!

We are "Via Lactea" class from 4t. We are good students and we love singing and learning new things. We are happy because we will celebrate the "Amazing Day" on the 25th of March.

Hello! We are from 4t. Our class is called "Saturn". We are a bit naughty but we like to learn new things and we love playing football.

Hello everybody! Our class is called "Big Bang" and we are from 5è. We go to Sant Vicenç Primary School and we like playing football. Our school is big but we like it a lot. Teachers are fun!

We are "Forat Negre" from 5è. We are very happy to celebrate "The Amazing Day" this school year because we like funny activities.

We are the oldest from school. Our class is called "Asteroides". We are good students although we like to talk a lot, too. We will celebrate "The Amazing Day" on the 25th March and we are very happy to share with you our activities.

Hello! We are also from 6è. Our class is called "Asteroides". We like talking a lot and this year we will celebrate "The Amazing Day". In the morning we will enjoy funny activities at school. In the afternoon, we will see "The Pirate Island" and English and funny play.