13 January 2009

ZER Gavarresa

Hi! We are from St. Feliu Sasserra. We go to CEIP Els Roures. We are the 5th and the6th grade. We work in the same classroom. We are fourteen: 9 girls and 5 boys.
In the playground we play football.
We love PE. It’s very fun!!!

we are “The Maoris” Class. We are from Sta Mª d'Oló.
We are 18 girls and boys from 10 to 11 years old.
Our school is CEIP Sesmon D'Oló.
Our class is very funny. We like to be happy. We all like English.
In the playground we play sports. Our favourite sports are football and basketball.
See you in the AMAZING DAY!

The Maoris


We are the Amish class. We go to Oristà school, Ceip Llevant. We like English. We like playing computer games.
We hope to see you soon on the Amazing Day at Balsarenys.

The Amish class

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